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The recent re-emphasis by Adobe on the “Flash” brand is scary! The world of web development involves two types of people — developers and designers. Each of these sets is distinct from the other. Very rarely are there people who truly have both the traits. Traditionally, designers used the Flash platform to build fancy and high quality animations, interactive advertisements, vector graphics and video displays. Then came Flex. Flex was a new face of Flash that appealed to a developer. Flex had a strong clear message that overpowered the developer’s fear in the “timeline” driven idiom. To some, it was and still is, metaforically speaking, Flash forked — new brand, new declarative XML based syntax and an object oriented language (AS3) under it all, leading to a distinct new identity from the designer’s favorite timeline of animations and video. For a Flex developer, Fl... (more)

Adobe Flex: Next Stop 360 Flex Indy

Starting Monday May 18, 2009 fun begins at Indianapolis. No, not the car race; its 360 Flex! 360 Flex is a unique and special event for many reasons, namely: Its the one and only event dedicated completely to Flex (and AIR). Its an informal event that is run for the community, by the community. Till this edition, there wasn’t much of a formal call-for-participation process either. Interested folks contacted Tom and John and if the topic was interesting and there was enough enthusiasm and originality, you presented your wondeful idea at the conference. This time the submission ov... (more)

Build4Flash @ StackExchange

My friends at Farata (Yakov, Victor and Anatole), who are a very accomplished set of authors, developers, mentors, architects and community leaders in the RIA and Java communities, have set up a venue for you to ask all your questions that pertain to the Flash platform. So go to http://built4flash.stackexchange.com/ and ask away everything about Flex, Flash, AIR, Flex and LAMP, Flex and Java, the Flash development community, open source projects in the space and more. Going by their past and current track record, I am sure you will not be disappointed with their great replies a... (more)

Purpose Maximization

Humans are not horses and it takes more than rewards to get the best out of them. In fact, more rewards for complex tasks that requires sophisticated algorithmic thinking leads to poor performance. If you are confused by now, then watch this brilliant animated presentation: Given that human tasks are increasingly getting complex and automated intelligent applications is the direction, we are all headed to, does it mean large rigid corporates are going to get drained out of talent? On the corollary, does it mean those who run for money essentially don’t care about challenging wo... (more)

Big Data Analytics: What’s Next?

While a majority of Fortune 1000 companies are en-route to understanding Hadoop and adopting it in their technology stack, startups in the bay area and elsewhere have started asking the important and inevitable question: “What’s Next?”. Hadoop for the first time has allowed us to analyze massive amounts of data without necessarily indulging in expensive proprietary hardware or software. However, adoption of Hadoop alone isn’t necessarily helping businesses make smarter decisions or unearth completely new facts that could lead to immense growth of top line. The power of scalable i... (more)